#39 Nobody, Dat’s Who!

MSaints Logo - Fleur de Lisan, I thought I wuz done with dis bloggin’ stuff.  Thought dere wasn’t anything else good to write about.  And dat was mostly true, until the other day dat is.  See, cuz dat’s when this funny little thing happened.  You might have heard about it.  You know, when dem SAINTS WON THE WHOLE DAMN SUPERBOWL!!!  Wooooo Hooooo!!! WHO DAT?  WHO DAT? Nobody, DAT’s Who All You Hatin’ Couyons!!!  Oh pooh yaille,  I gotta sit down now.

Mais, if you not a Saint’s fan, then I’m sorry cher.  I’m not tryin’ to gloat or nothin’.  Dis long-time Saints fan knows what it’s like to be handed an ass whupping, and it don’t feel too good no.  I’m jus celebratin’ cause I’m happy like a guy who shot a 20 point buck on his wedding day.

Now, I’m not of those guys who likes to take credit for the winning of others, but you should know that me and my old lady and my cuz T-Boy prayed the rosary between plays (and sips of Natural Light).  And when we was down by 10, I started bargaining with the big guy himself.  I was like, ‘Come on Brah, you know we need this.  I tell you what – you give us this one and we promise to give up drinkin’ an cussin’ for Lent’.  My wife and Cuz, they shot me a face, but I told dem that’s the way it’s gonna be.  And not too long after that, the Saints, they come back and the rest is histoire.  Why, dis ole boy got so caught up celebrating that night I even picked up a few crunkin moves.  Things, they got so crazy, I laid a big kiss on Cuz’s lips by accident.  It was a little bit uncomfortable after dat, but then he punched me in the mouth and called me a big sissy and that was that.

Outsiders say dis makes up for Katrina, but I don’t know what these couyons are talking about, cause this has nothing to do with Katrina.  Ain’t no Superbowl fairy gonna come fly down and rebuild all dem houses that got all flooded and stuff.  We all a lil bit happier these days, but dat doesn’t mean it’s all good.

From now on, I’m hostin’ a  Saints Superbowl party every year.  Everybody’s invited!  And if my Saints not in it, that’s ok, we’ll just play dis one again (I got a copy for my video player).  My house, my rules.

10 thoughts on “#39 Nobody, Dat’s Who!

  1. I’ve been wondering about this blog!

    I was yelling at the top of my lungs that night and I have to say- I may be doing the same for every super bowl from now on!

    Who DAT!

  2. I am brand new to this blog, and it’s great! I’m from Lafayette and New Iberia (where I graduated high school). It’s been years since I lived in Louisiana, but I love the culture and loved perusing this blog. I was disappointed to see you hadn’t posted in a long time, and then thrilled to see this Saints post. What a game, huh cher!? Loved it so much. Thanks for your blog.

  3. My life is complete as far as football is concerned. Really, I don’t even have to watch anymore football.

    In my view, it was the greatest underdog story in the history of football, taking into account the loyalty and good-natured humility of the fans (loved those bags). One of my friends had the audacity to suggest that it was a shame Favre lost out on a SB. What a crock!!!! He’s had a hell of a career, let someone else get a chance at redemption.

    I let fly a “couyon” and he never knew what him ‘im!!!

  4. Keep it going or allow someone else to continue the blog. There are so so so many things to still write about.

    1. Cajun music
    2. Cajun dancing
    3. USL
    4. grits and grillades
    5. Judice Inn
    6. Sac-a-lait
    7. Zydeco
    8. Catfish Acadian
    9. Etouffee
    10. Hoe cakes
    11. ETC! There are a ton of good ole cajun things to write on that dem cajus love yeah.

    Let me know if I can help.

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