#6 Getting Tickets Fixed

Speeding TicketYou’re cruising along at around 85 mph, music cranked up, when you hear a siren…you’ve just been busted for speeding pad’na! This is an experience that would ruin the whole day for most people, but a true Cajun gives the officer his info and receives his ticket with a smile. Why isn’t that couyon steaming, you ask? Cause he’s not gonna have to pay that ticket no, he’ll get it FIXED!

There are few things sweeter in this world to a coonass than getting a ticket fixed. While getting a ticket outside of Acadiana leads to higher insurance rates, all it means here is a phone call to the right person.  Just have the right connection, and it’s all good chére.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Have family in, or make friends with someone in law enforcement.
  2. Get speeding ticket.
  3. Make a phone call.
  4. Ticket magically disappears!

Louisiana has its own sort of caste system where the higher your social status, the more you can get fixed. On the bottom of the scale, just about any true Cajun can get a speeding ticket fixed. Is your daddy the police chief? That’ll get you out of a DWI. Close enough to a state representative and you can just about cover up a dead body.  And if you’re a relative of the Governor, the police will probably help you bury the damn body.

It’s no coincidence that one of our most popular governors, Edwin Edwards, is currently serving 10 years in prison for racketeering. In terms of corruption, southern Louisiana is the Mexico of the United States, and that’s the way we like it.


25 thoughts on “#6 Getting Tickets Fixed

  1. The first one was, but my dad knew someone in the Opel PD that fixed it. From what I gather the cop was a douche anyway that no one in the dept really cared for. I think this was back when they were based out of Troop K for our area. The second one was Lafayette PD.

  2. 4 years ago I received a speeding ticket on I-49. 84 in a 70. 10 minutes later I stopped at a gas station near Natchitoches where I ran into a State Trooper who was a friend of my father’s. He called the Trooper who issued the ticket, and they agreed to tear it up. The end result was that the ticket was fixed about 15 minutes after receiving it.

  3. Actually, a trooper ticket is easier than some sheriff tickets. Take it from one who knows…after three, my parain informed me that if I was going to get another ticket and have him get it fixed, then it needed to be a State Trooper ticket.

  4. I heard about someone who used to work for a sheriff. Anyone who’s ticket got fixed was put on a campaign donation call list for re-election time. Guess nothing in this world is free.

  5. My family lives in Iota, in Acadia Parish. I knew a guy there with a real bad drinking problem, even for a coonass–he wound up dying of liver failure. (Now that’s dedication.) But while he was alive, it was not unheard of for him to be driving through Iota with an open cup in his hand, and a cop would pull him over, see he was drinking and go, “Now, Mister Donnie, you know you’re not sposed to do that. You go on home now.” I don’t know if the man *ever* got a DUI.

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  8. i appreciate that this blog exists, but please get someone funnier to write it. 60 seconds with a real cajun has more hilarity than this entire blog.

  9. I’m taking applications right now. If you can write something of interest, submit it, and I’ll gladly post it.

  10. OMG How true! I was driving Interstae 12, running late for a date, had a short short skirt on, following someone going 95…troopers amazingly pulls us both over…mine asks for my lic and reg. well my car a mess I leaned over in my seat to the passengers side trying to reach and feel for any kind of paper….this went on for about 5-8 min. I turning my head talking to him saying I know it’s here somewhere….after a while he said “That’s ok ma’am” we talked a bit more and he let me go with a warning!!! OMG I was thinking this IS GREAT! drove off met my date had a great dinner…driving home wondered why just a warning….realized my short short skirt…I gave him a FREE show!! LOL I have had many tickets fixed though. I then move to Wisconsin, get my 1st ticket in the first week…I learned REAL quick by an officer that “this isn’t Louisiana, and bribery lands jail time”LOL

  11. Is it illegal to get it fixed? The day I got a speeding ticket I handed it to a friend and was told that it was taken care of. Well a guy that I was workin with had done the same some time before. Well the guy ended up getting stopped again and come to find out the his lisence was suspended. So I call the sherrifs and cops office cause I couldn’t remember which one stopped me and asked if I had a ticket out and they both said no. Well just last week I get a letter in the mail about missing my court date and now if I don’t go to hue DMV my license will be suspended!! I want to call the office again and tell them that I got it fixed but I don’t want to get anyone in trouble or if that would even help!!! Someone tell me what to do!!!!! PLEASE!!! 🙂 Stacie

  12. I didn’t get a ticket fixed, but I sho’ nuff got a driver’s license exam fixed.

    I pulled out of the DMV parking lot & the instructor told me to stop & asked, “Do you know what you did wrong just now?” I was bewildered – I had done the safety check, checked the mirrors, my seat belt was on, blinker was on, you name it. I shook my head & told the instructor, “uhhh, no?” He asked me to look at the direction the sign next to us was pointing – the sign said ‘One Way’ & the car definitely wasn’t pointed the direction of the sign. I smacked myself in the head & said, “I just failed, huh?”

    The instructor gave me a friendly pat on the knee & said, “Oh, no, cher, you didn’t fail yet. You’re just nervous. Let’s back this up and start over again!”

    Cajun male chauvinism for the win!

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