#38 Cajun Microwaves

Most of the foods and activities we’ve discussed so far have been rooted in Cajun tradition for decades if not centuries.  All this talk of tradition might have you thinking that Cajuns are stuck in the past, but don’t go confusing us with the Amish.  Unlike our friendly bearded friends, Cajuns aren’t afraid of innovation.  If there’s a better way to get things done, we’re all ears.  The faster we can get a job done, the quicker we can move on to the more enjoyable things in life.  Cajuns we don’t sit idly by, waiting for the outside world to make things easier, we problem solve. When faced with the question of how to better season their meat, the Cajun Injector was born.  When faced with the daunting task of cooking beer flavored chicken, the ChickCAN was born.    Today’s showpiece of Cajun inventiveness is #38 on the list of Stuff Cajun People Like…the Cajun Microwave.  And please don’t write me to say it was invented by some Cuban guy, cause I’m not listening (la la la).

The Cajun Microwave is basically an outdoor convection oven with a charcoal box on top.  This wooden box with a stainless steel interior solves the problem of how to prepare a large piece of meat, like cochon de lait,  without having to dig a large pit in the ground.  With a Cajun microwave, simply place your seasoned pig or other meats in the Cajun microwave, close it up, and place hot coals on top.  Like a dutch oven, this cooking method keeps moisture in, resulting in a juicier meat.  Some deluxe Cajun microwaves even have a grill on top so you can grill out while you wait for the main course.  With a Cajun Microwave, you can feed 75 of your closest friends being the envy of the all your fellow tailgaters.

Now Cajun Microwaves aren’t for everyone.  For one, they’re sort of pricy, ranging from $500 to well over $1000 depending on size and materials.  This is pretty expensive, considering the alternative is digging a big hole in the ground.  Of course, plans are available online, so you can always build one yourself rather cheaply.  Another criticism is the lack of smokiness, since the Cajun Microwave roasts your meat rather than smoking it.  These are all valid criticisms, but for many the advantages make up for any shortcomings.  For one, using a Cajun Microwave is more efficient than the in-ground method, and it’s faster than open pit cooking.  And most importantly, it looks cool as hell.  Say what you want, but MacGyver ain’t got nuthin’ on a hungry Coonass.


54 thoughts on “#38 Cajun Microwaves

  1. You can build one yourself for a lot less than you can buy it.
    get the plans, email me for advice and go to work.
    I also have different designs to look at and something no one else in the world has. Danny

    • Danny,

      Just saw your post. I know it has been a while since then, but do you still have some plans or designs that I may be able to look at to build one of these? Thanks for your help!

    • i was looking for plans to build a cajun microwave online and i cant seem to find anything the box itself seems pretty easy was wondering if you can share your plans especially on the lid thanks


    • Hi Danny. I was interested in building a cajun microwave but the plans are no longer available with the link on this website. I was wondering if you had and plans that you could send me. If so, please include any mods as well. Do you think it is possible to create a variation of the cajun microwave with the following adjustments:
      – Make a box that is closed on 4 sides.
      – Put coals on the bottom of the box and the pig on a rack towwards the top of the box with a drip pan in between (this allows for a more charcoal flavor)
      – Have vents in the front and in the back to adjust air intake
      – Create multiple grill levels so you could cook a pig on teir 1 and briskets on tier two

      What do you think? Any and all input/plans are welcome.



  2. I just got back from a tour de Louisiane. Morganza Spillway, Grand Isle, new Orleans, Lafayette. I heard two different people mention the Cajun Microwave. Must be getting popular.

    Oh, and brought back about three loaves of Evangeline Maid and some speckled trout somebody gave us. Funny how we do that, give each other fish, crabs, deer sausage…

    Hope your new job is working out for you and hurry back to the blog.

    • I haven[‘t seen Evangeline Maid since I was 9 years old living in Donaldsonville. Didn’t even think they still made it.

      That was the best bread. Sure brings back memories

  3. I just was directed to your blog by Cajunchic. I am so glad she posted about you. You are so fun to read and informative.


  4. Please hurry back.

    I can’t wait to see what you have to say about going to da camp. If that’s not on the list I’ll be surprised.

    BTW, CHS is my alma mater too.

  5. Mais, I won one of dese at the Shawneetown Shootout in Many earlier in the year. It was imported from Ville Platte. I ran out of beer and money, and sold it to a yankee(from Ark.) for $300. I think I got screwed, me.

  6. Hi Ray,
    Tried sending you an email at the address you listed and it came back “undeliverable”? You can visit my site and get the plans there if you would like, cajunmicrowaveplans.com

  7. I make microwaves for sale. They are made from exterior plywood for the base box and cypress wood on the the frame, legs, and top pan/handles. The inside is lined in aluminum and the charcoal pan and grills and drip pan are heavy black iron.
    The 24×30 size for about a 50 lbs pig is $350 and 24×40 for 70 lbs is $400. No delivery. You pick up.

    I can send pictures.

    If interested contact me at donaldjeansonne@centurytel.net

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