No Publicity is Bad Publicity

Mais, I woke up dis mornin’ and seen dat our little blog had a mention in Heeb magazine. Here’s what they had to say:
A little while ago we posted our interview with Stuff White People Like’s brilliant Christian Lander. Since then, his blog has spawned numerous inept imitators including:


Stuff Brown People Like

Stuff Educated Black People Like

Stuff Cajun Peole Like

Stuff Queer People Like

Stuff Straight People Like

And of course:

Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like

In short, these copycat blogs range from run-of-the-mill crap to the most putrid diarrhea. As one commenter puts it on Stuff College People Like, “When cribbing from Stuffwhitepeoplelike, you forgot the most important element: humor.

Now, I can’t argue about bein’ a copycat, but I don’t tink all of ‘dem other words is nice (my mama taught me better than dat). However, I’ll assume for now that stuffcajunpeoplelike falls under the run-of-the-mill crap category, cause I seen putrid diarrhea before, and we not ‘dat bad. Anyhow, tanks for the mention! I might even quote it on my book cover if dem publishers ever call back.

How’s dis for a blurb: “…brilliant…Stuff Cajun People Like…most important…humor…“. Not too shabby eh?


11 thoughts on “No Publicity is Bad Publicity

  1. Why are you reading Heeb? Talk about crap! It’s the purest definition of crap – the waste left over after all the good stuff has been absorbed into the system. It was an excellent idea, but so badly executed. There’s no THERE, there.

    Maybe you have to be Cajun to recognize the humor here? What do a bunch of snarky New York yidden know about South Louisiana anyway, except perhaps that NO Jazz Fest is a really good time, and wouldn’t it be great if both Regina Spektor and Matisyahu could play the same weekend OMG! I’d be surprised if anyone who writes for Heeb has ever been anywhere west of Metairie but east of Houston, south of the I-10.

    Whatever. Poo-Poo 4ever!!!!

  2. I’ve got a couple of Matisyahu CDs. He’s pretty good, if you’re in the mood for reggae, though I do get reggae fatigue pretty quickly.

    I think many of these ‘Stuff People Like’ Sites serve a small niche, and a lot of the humor is dependent on having a familiarity and appreciation of that subculture. And Cajuns are a pretty small niche. How many Cajuns are there anyway? Maybe 1 million? I’ll have to look that up.

    That said, the quality of these sites does vary dramatically. Just don’t lump us all together in a review when I bet they haven’t read a single post of this site. Couyons!

  3. i just want to say that i heard of stuffcajunpeoplelike BEFORE stuffwhitepeoplelike. i thought stuffwhitepeople like was the copy cat. in any case, i enjoy your blog a lot more. keep it up!

  4. Thanks. I think this whole ‘Stuff People Like’ fad will turn out to be this year’s ‘baby on board’. The good thing is it will end just as quickly as it started, since it’s almost impossible to come up with more than 100 ideas without completely jumping the shark. In the meantime, we can just have fun riding this wave out. After that, maybe we can transition to a more conventional Cajun blog.

  5. I love how you use the word “couyon”- I love that term- although I always spelled it couillon.

    Although, i’d tell that dude to kiss my ass (in cajun french, of course- I know how to say it- but not how to spell it!!)

  6. Like it or not, that couyon’s giving me link traffic ;). The readers can decide for themselves whether they want to stay or not.

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