An Open Letter to ‘Dem Crazy Book Publishers

So I turn on the computer and see you gave my cuz over at stuffwhitepeoplelike a $300,000 book deal. Keeyaww! Man I liked to fall on the floor and die laughing when I read dat.

You couyons coulda had my book for the price of a seafood platter and a box of #2 buckshot! Course, if you want spell checking, you’ll have to upgrade to my Deluxe Package and throw in a new deer stand. What does that get you, you ask? Well, I’ll go all out for you: overalls, white fishing boots, thick accent, the whole deal. You’ll get the 100% genuine Cajun experience. I’ll even wrestle an alligator or eat a raccoon if you think it’ll help sell the book.

In conclusion, give me money and I’ll write you a book. I’ll gaarontee you at least twany entries. We’ll stuff the middle of the book full of old Teche News articles (since nobody reads a whole book anyway). If you want to know more, Just write me here.


StuffCajunPeopleLike Dude


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to ‘Dem Crazy Book Publishers

  1. Mebbe they give you a book deal, cher, if you promise to eat a nutria. So, are you going to do an entry on cockfighting? I got money riding on this one…

  2. Hell, you don’t have to pay a Cajun to eat nutria! [Full Disclosure: I’ve never eaten a nutria] Cockfighting has a place on my list, I expect it’ll make it into the first 40 entries. If you have any more good ideas, send them my way.

    BTW: The Bayou Teche is literally in my mama’s back yard. She even has her own fishing dock.

  3. Naw, The Teche? Seriously?

    How about Spanish Lake?

    I think Stuff Cajun People Like would be ALOT more interesting.

    Perhaps if you demonstrated your oragami skills….Cajun Oragami….yep….that’ll sell.

  4. I hail from the town that claims itself to be “the birthplace of bayou teche.” Most of my time on water was spent either on Courtableau, three mile lake, or the Atchafalaya Basin.

    And those white rubber boots should be referred to by their proper name “Cajun Reeboks”

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