#4 LSU Football

LSU FootballCajuns love them some LSU football, and for good reason. As the reigning 2007 NCAA Division 1-A champion and a share of the 2003 title, LSU is a national football powerhouse. This football team is a source of Cajun pride in a state where it’s usually bad news to get mentioned on CNN (worst education, poverty, etc).

If you ask the average Cajun what LSU was, they’d probably say it’s a football team, and not a state university. Considering the amount of money poured into the team, this assessment probably isn’t that far off base.

It’s not uncommon for the most rabid LSU fan to have never even visited LSU’s Baton Rouge campus. Hell, some of its most rabid fans actually went to wanna-be rival school ULL, or didn’t go to college at all.  That’s cause Cajuns don’t need college to understand LSU football kicks serious ass.

A Cajun man’s biggest dilemma is whether to watch the LSU game, or go hunting. Usually, the deer can wait.


14 thoughts on “#4 LSU Football

  1. this new orleans girl has to take umbrage…

    ….she was raised to believe tulane was the way to go. of course, i also grew up believing those alligators climbed in the back of mr. frank’s truck and committed suicide.

    ps personally, i’d much rather yell “GAUX TIGERS! than “GO GREEN WAVE!” it just doesn’t have much of a ring to it, you know?

  2. That’s ok, I went to USL back before they renamed it Ooh-La-La (ULL). I’m still holding on to the time we beat Texas A&M.

  3. Hey fightin’ Tiger fight all the way
    Hey fightin’ Tiger win the game today!
    You’ve got the know how
    You’re doing fine
    Hold on to the ball as you hit the wall
    And crash right through the line
    You got to go for a touchdown
    Run up the score
    Make Mike the Tiger stand right up and roar
    Give it all your might as you fight tonight
    And keep the goal in view
    Victory for L-S-U!

    Geaux Tigers in 2008!

  4. Please remove LSU@br from #4 on the list and replace with the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns. Real Cajuns support Acadiana’s team!
    PS – There are no tigers in the bayou aside from the half dead one at the gas station the the way into BR

  5. Bra! You can’t stop dem haters. All the podunk colleges are jealous of the Ole War Skule, the best college in the state. Though BR is outside the Cajun triangle, it has more cajuns and cajun alums than Ooh La La. Plus the whole state doesn’t turn on the TV to watch the other schools play. LSU deserves to be on the list.

  6. dickysunset,

    Just to enlighten you on LSU, their mascot has nothing to do with the tiger animal, it has to do with General Lee’s Tigers, (The louisiana voulenteer army that served the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia). They were the most respected military with the best records of any group of southern soldiers.

    Also, most do not know that Major General William Tecumseh Sherman was the first president of LSU!

  7. LSU@br!??!? Mais, I am a true blood Cajun and I have no idea why LSU@br would be on this list, me. I support the school in the heart of Acadiana which is UL, so “Stuff Cajun People like” has nothing to do with no Tigers, you. Cajuns are kind, unique and hospitable, non of which descibes LSU@br.

    C’est tout, cher

  8. Lots of Cajuns adore LSU, but that doesn’t make it right. I think that because Cajuns have long suffered throughout history (expulsion/exile, separation from families, carving out a new life in the Atchafalaya, punishment for speaking french in school, the erosion of our culture, etc.). There are some folks ready to sell their soul to that devil, LSU. To their credit, they are consistently nationally ranked and some of these Cajuns need it apparently to lift them up.
    I for one am comfortable in my coonass skin. I’m Ragin and Cajun.
    Oo LA LA all the way baby!
    LSU does not deserve to be one this list.
    L S Who???

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  10. As others have made mention, lsu a&m@BR does not evoke any sense of a “cajun” style. nothing about baton rouge tells me I’m in Cajun land/Cajun culture. THE ONLY THING that would give someone a clue that they were in Louisiana is the tailgating food at lsu’s football games. On any given Saturday there is no choice. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajun /The University of Louisiana.
    A true Cajun cultured city is Lafayette. Simply look at the others on this list: Breaux Bridge/Youngsville/Eunice/Rayne. They all surround the Cajun hub, Lafayette.

    This is poor, poor work sir.

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